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I was born and raised in Utah so I never thought I would use Cannabis as medicine. Now I don't use opioids and I have my life back. It's the only thing that helped. 

Thank you so much!

Tim Pickett PA-C

Qualified Medical Provider

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Treat Pain without Opioids

Scientific studies show reduced opioid use in patients who use medical cannabis. Some people get total pain control with cannabis!

Tremors / Seizures

Cannabinoids have anticonvulsant effects and protect the nervous system in diseases like ALS and Alzheimers

PTSD & Mental Health

Cannabis can help with PTSD. It also helps with anxiety, sleep, and mood.  Social relaxation is a side effect that can also benefit users.

Cancer & Nausea

In addition to pain, cannabis treats nausea better than many prescription medication. It can help with appetite during chemo or weight loss.


Almost 1 in 3 patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus use cannabis to treat pain, nausea, appetite loss, cachexia, and emotional decline.

Crohn's & Colitis

Studies show about half of Crohn's patients benefit from Cannabis use. Guided dosing and help choosing strains helps.


3 simple steps

Chat one-on-one and find out if you qualify for a medical cannabis card in Utah.

Come into clinic in SLC  and receive a letter of recommendation for medical cannabis. 

Schedule your in-person appointment and fill out the intake form online. 

private, safe, legal

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Utah Medical Marijuana Card

Find Alternatives to Prescription Medications

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Pain greater than 2 weeks, not controlled with standard treatment - Persistent Nausea -Alzheimer's - Crohn's disease - Ulcerative Colitis -Cancer - ALS -Cachexia (weakness &/or weight loss due to illness - HIV or AIDS - Epilepsy - Seizures - Persistent muscle spasms - Multiple Sclerosis - PTSD - Terminal Illness - Rare Condition or Condition you feel should be evaluated by the Utah Compassionate Use Board

Tim Pickett, PA-C specializes in medical cannabis education and enjoys opening minds to the possibilities of plant-based medicine. He is the founder of, speaks locally about evidence-based cannabis medicine, and provides comprehensive education to patients and medical students state-wide. 

Born and raised in Utah, Tim understands the local religious landscape and can speak to the barriers of cannabis use in our Utah culture.

Utah Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

How it works

Schedule an appointment either by phone or online

The cost of the evaluation is $250. You can pay with any major credit card or cash. Check with your HSA to confirm it is allowed before you use an HSA. 

Before your visit you will receive a link to an intake form and can fill that out before your visit. We review the intake form and will contact you if we need more records or other information. 

Some qualifying conditions require documentation. This means you will need to gather medical records or imaging / procedure reports related to the condition we are seeing you for. When we talk by phone we can let you know. 

At the visit, we will discuss your condition and the benefits and risks of using cannabis to help. If qualified, you will receive a letter, signed by me, that will allow you to legally keep and use cannabis for your condition. 

When the Utah Department of Health is ready for medical cannabis card registration, we will input your information into that system so you can register and get your card. This is how you will be able to purchase cannabis in Utah and not have to travel to Nevada or Colorado. 

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